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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Canadian Gunman: Shh! Don't Let Anyone Know He Was a Muslim!

The current lead story on the homepage of The New York Times:

Gunman Panics Ottawa, Killing Soldier in Spree at Capital


Shots fired inside the Parliament building, before the assailant was killed, stoked fears across Canada, a nation already on alert for terrorism

What faith did the killer profess? You know as well as I do, but let's ignore the fact. After all, Islam is a religion of love and peace. Yeah, right.

Meanwhile, over at The Washington Post in an editorial entitled "Military success has bred popular support for the Islamic State," we are being told:

"The Obama administration has recognized the danger of the Islamic State’s appeal and has pushed for political steps to combat it, such as public statements by clerical authorities. Ultimately, however, the group’s pull will likely be governed by the maxim once formulated by Osama bin Laden: 'When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature, they will like the strong horse.' Islamic extremism won’t be defeated by military might alone. But to many in the Islamic world, the Islamic State now looks strong. The only way to reverse its influence is through its military defeat, sooner rather than later."

The WaPo editorial, however, ignores how the Assad regime is stepping up assaults on areas in Syria controlled by so-called "moderate" rebels, while the US and its allies are launching air strikes on ISIS. Of course, Assad is allied with Iran.

The WaPo editorial also ignores the deal Obama is attempting to strike with Khamenei regarding Iran's nuclear weapons development program without Congressional approval.

Question: If the Sunni Islamic State is "degraded" (Obama's choice of words), what about a radical Iran, whose strength is growing by leaps and bounds across the Arabian Peninsula?

ISIS is not the only threat facing the West.

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