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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nicholas Kristof's "Message to Muslims: I’m Sorry"

In an op-ed in today's New York Times entitled "Message to Muslims: I’m Sorry" (, Nicholas Kristof concludes:

"I’m sickened when I hear such gentle [Muslim] souls lumped in with Qaeda terrorists, and when I hear the faith they hold sacred excoriated and mocked. To them and to others smeared, I apologize."

Maybe Kristof would also care to apologize for the vulgar anti-Semitic readers' comments that are being published by The New York Times, notwithstanding its purported policy that "Comments are moderated and generally will be posted if they are . . . not abusive." He should take the time to read through:

Maybe Kristof would also care to apologize for the anti-Semitic comments of the New York Times editorial board. See:

In addition, maybe Kristof would care to apologize for his most recent op-ed series written from Gaza and the West Bank, in which he never once mentioned:

• honor killings of female Palestinians;
• the grisly murder of Hamas opponents;
• Palestinian discrimination against homosexuals;
• Palestinian discrimination against Christians;
• the Hamas charter which calls for the murder of all Jews;
• more than ten thousand rockets, missiles and mortar rounds fired from Gaza into southern Israel.


Today, anti-Semitism, often disguised as hatred for Israel, has become commonplace and acceptable within "liberal" circles.

I have submitted the above in response to Kristof's op-ed in the comment space to his blog ( Let's see if The New York Times moderators have the moral courage to post this comment.

Let's see if Nicholas is willing to peruse the above material and determine whether his apology should be broadened.


  1. Kristof is an embarrassment, even for the NYT, which is why his columns no longer accept comments - hence you have to go to his blog.

    They should assign him to Nigeria to expound on the Muslim on Christian violence.


  2. JG - assume you read all comments, so here is a new dot that connects NYT with "...Rauf's organization, the American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA), touted the journalist's participation in a training program by ASMA's "Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow" (MLT).

    "Media trainings showed immediate results," ASMA's 2009 year-end report said. ..."

    Read more at:

    One wonders where the NYT sends other reporters and staff for "professional advancement"