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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gail Collins, "First, the Good News": Will There Be Survivors After the Titanic Again Goes Down?

Has the Titanic, i.e. the US government, hit an iceberg, i.e. the debt ceiling, and is it about to go down? Will there be time for any of the passengers to board the lifeboats? Meanwhile, the ships musicians continue to play for the benefit of all aboard, who will soon be drowning in the freezing Atlantic, and a comedian by the name of Gail Collins, persists, from the ship's deck already awash with water, with her one-woman show, poking fun at those responsible for this navigational disaster.

In her latest New York Times op-ed entitled "First, the Good News" (, Collins, who wears partisan blinders, again casts aspersions against those nefarious Republicans. Collins concludes:

"Good news: The Congressional gym is open.

O.K., possibly only good news if you are a member of Congress. Or a person who enjoys making fun of members of Congress.

Good news: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention called back some of its furloughed employees to try to control that salmonella outbreak.

Bad news: Most of the C.D.C. is still at home, including the ones who work on flu.

And our moral is: Get your flu shot, people. Cook your chicken well. Cross your fingers and pray."

Yup, the Congressional gym is open, and so is Obama's golf course on Andrews Airforce Base (see:

But too much is at stake to waste time with name-calling. Enough nonsense.

It's high time for Obama and Republican Congressional leaders to hold round-the-clock talks to achieve a compromise before it's all too late.

Who's to blame?

I don't care. We're not in kindergarten. Settle it!

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