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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Maureen Dowd, "Woodrow Wilson, Stud Muffin": Does Presidential Power Couple With Lust?

I have always been perplexed by the sexual escapades of three American presidents who have occupied the Oval Office during my lifetime: Clinton, Johnson and Kennedy. I never quite understood why the most powerful men in the world would engage in conduct that could undermine that power and harm their historical legacy. Maybe it was because they felt they could do anything and get away with it. Maybe it was precisely that sense of power, impunity and entitlement, which led them to politics, a field of endeavor which never attracted me. Interact with the public? As we talk, I am busy excavating a moat around the house and populating it with crocodiles.

In her latest New York Times op-ed entitled "Woodrow Wilson, Stud Muffin" (, Maureen Dowd begins with a teaser:

"ON Thursday night, we sat around, talking about the lawyer and constitutional expert in the White House, a leader both didactic and charming, peacenik and hawk; the Ivy League academic who improbably ascended to the Oval Office on brains, not beholden to anyone; the Democrat, eager to fight economic inequality and help the 99 percent, who would give a government bailout if he had to; the dapper man with large ears, elegant speeches he wrote himself, a love of golf."

Obama? Wrong. Dowd continues:

"We sat around talking about Woodrow Wilson.

And it turns out that the League of Nations was not the most intriguing thing about Wilson. The love of women was."

Ah, yes, it was just the other day that we were also sitting around the table and discussing Woodrow Wilson . . . not. Leonardo DiCaprio is interested in playing Wilson in a future movie? Good luck! (Leonardo, call me: I just finished an "action" screenplay that fits you to a tee . . .)

But I have been wondering of late, around the dinner table and elsewhere, how the abnegation of power by a certain president with big ears, who also likes golf, could degrade America's deterrent capabilities. Over the course of five years in office, Obama's unsubstantiated, wishy-washy "tough talk" has earned the contempt of Putin, Khamenei, Assad and other assorted tyrants around the globe.

Might Obama ever "break bad" and have an affair? Not in a million years. Michelle would whoop his ass.

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