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Monday, February 17, 2014

NBC News, "Iran's Ayatollah: Nuclear Talks 'Will Lead Nowhere'": Rouhani, the Executioner of Poets, Is a Moderate?

Okay, it's all over the news that Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei believes that the negotiations between the Islamic Republic and six world powers "will lead nowhere." Yup, after learning that Syrian mass murderer Bashar al-Assad has no intention of turning over his arsenal of chemical weapons for destruction pursuant to the agreement brokered by Putin, Obama is now learning that his deal with Khamenei - which is being hidden from the American public - is not worth the paper on which it is written.

But also shocking is how a naive American press is depicting Iranian President Hassan Rouhani as a "moderate" or "relative moderate," while informing us of this latest Obama administration debacle. From NBC News ( (my emphasis in red):

"The election of moderate Hassan Rouhani as president of Iran and his September phone call with President Obama during the United Nations General Assembly buoyed hopes of a new chapter opening between Iran and the West."

Similarly, we are being informed by Yahoo! News ( (my emphasis in red):

"Rouhani, a relative moderate elected last year on vows to engage the West, revived the nuclear negotiations after years of stalemate under his hardline predecessor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and thus far enjoys the support of Khamenei."

Rouhani is a "moderate"? A "relative moderate"? This maniac, with whom Obama held a "historic" conversation in September, just ordered the execution of a poet and a human rights activist for "enmity against God" after they were first subjected to torture (see:

I read this trash from NBC News and Yahoo! News and grow nauseous.

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