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Friday, October 30, 2015

David Brooks, "The Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio Moment": Marco Could Wipe the Floor With Hillary

In his latest New York Times op-ed entitled "The Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio Moment," David Brooks informs us that Marco Rubio is the likely Republican presidential candidate:

"Ryan is the new House speaker and right now Rubio is the most likely presidential nominee. The shape of the presidential campaign is coming into focus. It’s still wise to expect (pray) that the celebrity candidates will fade as the shopping phase ends and the buying phase begins.

. . . .

While other candidates are repeating the formulas of the 1980s and 1990s, Rubio is a child of this century. He understands that it’s no longer enough to cut taxes and say bad things about government to produce widespread prosperity. In a series of major policy speeches over the past two years (he’s one of the few candidates who actually gives them), Rubio has emphasized that new structural problems threaten the American dream: technology displacing workers, globalization suppressing wages and the decline of marriage widening inequality."

Or stated otherwise, a young Marco could wipe the floor with an aging Hillary, and this obviously has Gail Collins and her ilk in a panic. And yes, you should expect more articles about Rubio's traffic tickets and fishing boat from the Times.


  1. Rubio needs to put more thought into his Syria 'plan'

    He still trusts Turkey as an ally. And the GOP hawks still fail to understand what the military is telling them about the Kurds.

    What is Putin champions an independent Kurdistan?

    McCain chaired a hearing with SecDef Ash Carter and General Dunford last week. The GOP is falling into a McCain-led view that is stuck in old paradigms.

    Meanwhile, Hillary IS still haunted by her Iraq vote.

    At least Rubio has the chance to NOT be clouded by America's Vietnam&Iraq history.

  2. as I suspected: the deployment of 50 US Special Forces is going to Rojava and Erbil.

    McCain did not want to hear about Rojava last week - kept cutting off Ash Carter.

    Biden used to champion an independent Kurdistan - tho Barzani's iron grip will ???

    Guess we have to wait for Lavrov to speak about an independent Kurdistan for McCain etal GOP & US media to listen :)