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Friday, May 27, 2016

New York Times Editorial, "Hillary Clinton, Drowning in Email": Vote for Her Because He's Worse

In an editorial entitled "Hillary Clinton, Drowning in Email," The New York Times writes:

"Even now, it seems a stretch to say that Mrs. Clinton’s email mishaps should disqualify her for the White House, particularly considering the alternative of Mr. Trump with his manifold evasions — not least his refusal to release tax returns that could shed light on his claims to great wealth, his charitable contributions and other deductions and possible conflicts of interest."

Or stated otherwise, vote for her because he's worse.

The Times concludes:

"But the nation should not be judging leadership as a measure of who is less untrustworthy. Mrs. Clinton has to answer questions about the report thoroughly and candidly. That is her best path back to the larger task of campaigning for the presidency."

And if she doesn't answer those questions thoroughly and candidly? In all honesty - something Hillary is incapable of - there are no good answers.

What a splendid way to elect the next president!


  1. Tax evasion is a crime.Tax avoidance is not.
    No doubt,he pushed the avoidance to the limit via smart accountants and loopholes,but that doesn't make him a criminal-only a shrewd businessman.

  2. Gee,I was thinking vote for him,because she is worse.
    Such a nauseating choice.

  3. perhaps voters might just notice the Democratic Party Platform: no fracking of hydrocarbons = slower growth = slower job creation = raise the minimum wage (re-divide the pie), and BDS Israel into ashes.

    and SCOTUS...

    I am impressed that Trump is making the case, so far, for how he will be different on gun control, SCOTUS & fracking, and undoing the overreach of Federal regulations.

    far better choice than 2012.


    Victor Davis Hanson:
    "...For each take-down of NeverTrump, can we at least have commensurate analysis of how and why a monstrosity like the Clinton cash operation was allowed to thrive without audit; or how it is that the secretary of state and her minions snubbed the law and behaved in a fashion that would have put any other federal employees in jail; or how it is that 155 years after the start of the Civil War over 300 cities, counties, and states have declared federal law null and void in their jurisdictions — and with complete impunity? ..."