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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Why Did the Editorial Board of The New York Times Fail to Accurately Describe the Attack on the USS Mason?

In an editorial entitled "America’s Moral Duty in Yemen," The New York Times wrote on Tuesday (my emphasis in red):

"On Monday, Houthi rebels who have been fighting with the Yemeni government reportedly launched a ballistic missile deep into Saudi Arabia, and on Sunday they may have fired on a United States Navy destroyer, but missed.

The Saudi strikes killed more than 140 mourners and wounded hundreds at a funeral in Sana, the capital, which is controlled by Houthi rebels, an indigenous Shiite group with loose connections to Iran."

I subsequently noted that the Times's claims that the Houthis "may have fired on a United States Navy destroyer" (they indeed fired on the USS Mason) and that the Houthis maintain "loose connections to Iran" amounted to pure rubbish.

As reported today by DEBKAfile in an article entitled "US Tomahawks destroy Iran's radar bases in Yemen":

"Tomahawk cruise missiles launched by US Navy destroyer USS Nitze early Thursday, Oct. 13, destroyed three Iranian-Yemeni coastal radar stations, after C-802 anti-ship missiles supplied by Iran to Yemeni Houthi rebels were fired at US naval vessels off the Yemeni coast.

. . . .

A highly advanced radar installation is required for the use of the C-802. Two radar stations set up outside Yemen’s two principal Red Sea ports, Mokha and Hudaydah earlier this month were operated by [Iranian] Rev. Guards missile and radar teams until they were destroyed Thursday, DEBKAfile’s military sources report. The third station was added for triangulation. The destruction of all three by a US Tomahawk has knocked out the Houthis’ ability to use C-802 missiles and Iran’s threat to blockade the Red Sea.

. . . .

Contrary to Tehran’s assurance to Washington in August that Iranian arms supplies to Yemeni Houthi rebels had been suspended, the rebels took delivery last week of the largest consignment of Iranian weapons to date.

According to DEBKAfile’s military sources, the shipment included highly sophisticated Scud D surface-to-surface missiles with a range of 800km; and C-802 anti-ship missiles (an upgraded version of the Chinese YJ-8 NATO-named CSS-N-8 and renamed by Iran Saccade).

They came with Iranian Revolutionary Guards officers and radar systems to fine-tune the targeting of these missiles by Iran’s Yemeni proxies."

So why hasn't the Times's editorial board acknowledged its mistake? Could it possibly have anything to do with a desire not to undermine faith in Obama's bogus unsigned nuclear deal with Iran? I wonder ...


  1. Look at the front page of 10 13 2016 NYT.

    The NYT editors are busy finding women who claim Trump kissed them 11 to 30 years ago.

    "All the News That's Fit to Print...

    As Long As it Fits the WH Talking Points Schedule"

    Big Lies Matter

  2. How dare Hillary and her team make commentary on the behavior of Trump at a time when he wasn't even a presidential candidate,given the antics of her husband before,during,and after his presidency....The pot(potus?) calling the kettle black?

    1. Seems most democrats acquired an Hypocrisy Immunization since Malia Obama interned for Lena Dunham in July 2015.

      "...But her new job may have led to some awkward conversations in the White House.

      Mr Obama has spoken before of being wary of the show – famous for its no-holds-barred sex scenes - when he realised his daughter was a fan. "

      POTUS and Michelle FLOTUS allowed their 17-year old daughter Malia to intern on a beyond 'raunchy', close to soft-porn HBO series "Girls" in 2015.

      October 12, 2016: Michelle FLOTUS, campaigning for Clinton, on the TrumpTape:
      “New Hampshire, be clear: This is not normal. This is not politics as usual. This is disgraceful. It is intolerable. And it doesn’t matter what party you belong to—Democratic, Republican, independent—no woman deserves to be treated this way. None of us deserves this kind of abuse.” ..."

      REALLY? Has Michelle FLOTUS still never watched Lena Dunham's "Girls"?

      That Hypocrisy Vaccine was developed after Ted Kennedy took a wrong turn in Chappaquiddick.

  3. no mention of the USNavy vs. Houthis, but painting Yemen as another Syria, with the Saudis using their own Rules of Engagement. Today, Friday 10 14 2016, the Obama team is working on what to do about Russia 'going Grozny' in Syria.

    Who says October surprises are only about sex, lies, and hacked emails?

    "U.S. Support for the War in Yemen Is Indefensible"

    Ray Offenheiser @roffenheiser
    1:27 PM ET

    Ray Offenheiser is the President of Oxfam America.

    'Deference to Saudi Arabia has cost America its moral footing'

    The humanitarian impact of the bombing campaign is staggering—no civilian is left unaffected. Yemen, the poorest country in the Middle East before the start of this conflict, is now on the brink of starvation. The numbers do not sufficiently represent the desperation that this conflict has wrought, but they’re a start. More than 19 million people do not have access to clean water, 14 million people are suffering from hunger and malnutrition, and more than 3 million Yemenis have been driven from their homes.
    To be clear, the Saudi-led coalition is not the only ones responsible for the violence and loss of life. All sides involved in this horrific war are responsible for the serious violations that have led to this humanitarian catastrophe. But the U.S. is only supporting one side.

    In the end, one has to wonder how this will ultimately reflect on President Obama’s legacy. He and his foreign policy leadership will surely look back upon the decisions they’ve made about Yemen with regret in light of the carnage and the daily assault on human dignity.

    Each day the U.S. supports this war, with every air strike that hits a civilian site, every civilian killed, maimed or going hungry; with every U.S. weapon used in Yemen and every warplane refueled that kills or wounds civilians, the U.S. tarnishes its reputation in the world. Some things should still be sacred."


    [just in time for the 3rd U.S. debate...Russia's only aircraft carrier et al in the English channel - will SecKerry still be in Switzerland with FMLavrov, or will the CIA notsocovert cyber-war blow up in the Dardanelles? Meanwhile, when will America discover only Big Lies Matter?, or maybe POTUSObama IS the 12th Imam? What difference does it make? When will Carlos Slim have Kristof explain all of this to the peasants who do not read the NYT but are always exposed to the NYT echo?]

  5. [breaking news somehow dated tomorrow 10 16 2016. Seems the NYT has to wait to learn WHO attacked the USNavy off the coast of Yemen.] | Oct 16, 2016 | by Hope Hodge Seck

    "For the third time in seven days, an Arleigh-Burke class destroyer in the Red Sea has been targeted by missiles fired from the coast of Yemen, the Navy's top officer told reporters today. [today is October 15]
    [CNO] Richardson would not say how many missiles were fired, how close they came to the Mason, positioned in the strait of Bab el-Mandeb along with the destroyer Nitze, and how the Navy plans to respond to this most recent attack.
    Richardson later confirmed that five missiles had been launched, destroying sites believed to be used to target the ships. But the Pentagon has yet to publicly confirm who targeted the Navy ships, with Press Secretary Peter Cook telling reporters Thursday it remained unclear "who was pulling the trigger."

  6. connecting dots you will never find in the NYT, dots in Djbouti, Somaliland, ...Mosul... :