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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Richard Cohen, "Trump’s choice for Israeli ambassador is a danger to American lives": Echoing the New York Times's Hysteria

In a Washington Post op-ed entitled "Trump’s choice for Israeli ambassador is a danger to American lives," Richard Cohen echoes the hysteria of The New York Times re Trump's nomination of David Friedman as America's next ambassador to Israel:

"The Senate will get a crack at Friedman. This is a nomination that must be rejected. He is a danger to peace in the Middle East, to American lives, to moderation and to civil discourse."

"Civil discourse" in the Middle East? A day doesn't go by without calls from Iran for the eradication of Israel. And then there is the Hamas covenant calling for the murder of all Jews.

Friedman poses a threat to American lives? Oh really? Just yesterday the Russian ambassador to Turkey was assassinated, and a semi-trailer plowed into a Berlin Christmas market in a terror attack that killed 12 and injured 48 persons. On Sunday, 10 people were killed and 34 wounded in a terror attack in Karak, Jordan. In fact, the entire Middle East is a tinderbox, having little to do with tiny Israel and having everything to do with conflicting Shiite/Sunni efforts to restore regional historic primacy.

"Moderation" means refusing to acknowledge that West Jerusalem, Israel's capital, has not been an integral part of that country since 1948? The time hasn't come to recognize that reality?

Spare me the bullshit, Dick.

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  1. “…If the Senate approves his nomination, it will have endorsed calling Jewish liberals and moderates the equivalent of those who helped the Nazis. I can think of nothing worse.”

    I can. Being labeled as racist, called Nazis, being shunned by synagogues, and getting written death threats for supporting Israel's right to exist is daily life for many American Jews who refuse to choose the Democratic Party over Israel.

    WaPo R Cohen is defending "J" Street as 'legitimate'. No reverse- deplorable-metaphor allowed. Never allow ZOA to have any voice.

    In the post-Nov. 8 mindset, the attack language is to Not Normalize Trumps (NNT). Use of the word "normalize" is code to make any Trump, or support for Trump as AB-normal

    Either Richard Cohen did not get the DNC memo on NNT, or he is more comfortable being outraged to rely on the tactic to fling labels from the echo chamber: racist, whatnot- deplorable...

    The echo chamber is far more dangerous to American lives, but they just do not care about anything except believing their own lies, and, in the case of Jerusalem, that myth about the horse flying out of Jerusalem, a Jerusalem where, according to a UNESCO vote, Jews never lived.

    The good news is that Schumer can not fight every confirmation. If Mr. Friedman is the lightning rod, it will be a hearing for the ages.

    The NNT meme is far more insidious. Probably how Stalin justified psych camps in the gulag.