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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

New York Times Editorial, "A Syrian Plan Worth a Look": Who Cares If Iranian Forces Are Placed on the Border With Israel

In an editorial entitled "A Syrian Plan Worth a Look," The New York Times declares that "the Trump administration would be derelict if it did not give serious consideration to a plan for a cease-fire and safe zones [in Syria] brokered by Russia, with the backing of Turkey and Iran." The editorial goes on to say:

"The plan would allow displaced or embattled Syrians to relocate to the designated safe areas, still held by rebels unaffiliated with the Islamic State, and enable aid deliveries to some 4.5 million people at risk. It also calls for all parties to fight jihadists like the Islamic State and the Qaeda-linked group once known as the Nusra Front."

Nowhere in this editorial is there any mention of Israel, but why should there be? After all, the plan provides for Iranian troops on the Syrian border with Israel in the Golan Heights.

Excuse me, but isn't it Iran that regularly calls for the annihilation of Israel?

And how wonderful that the plan "also calls for all parties to fight jihadists," but is the Assad regime, which continues to drop sarin gas on its own people, any better than these other monsters?

Who writes this drivel for the Times?


  1. Good thing everyone on TeamTrump is focused on 1) saying terrorists, to include both IS and Hezbollah,
    and 2)getting Hezbollah out of Syria, especially the Golan.

    You can bet that was discussed with FM Lavrov during his hours of meetings at the WH. The next day, Hezbollah turned over Syrian border posts to the Lebanese Army.,7340,L-4961195,00.html

    Russia can deploy Chechens to Queneitra, as Russia did in mostly Kurdish Afrin.

    The NYT is fake news, especially when it comes to Israel and TeamTrump.

    But, you know that, and still can not believe TeamTrump is achieving much in foreign relations. May 16 with Erdogan is the big test. I hope the WH is screening "The Promise" on Mother's Day.

  2. adding: Global real estate is truly being redefined for the first time since the Era of Frozen Conflicts began after WW2. Starting with Syria.