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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Gaza Flotilla: Finally Some Much Needed Balance from the Washington Post

Yesterday, Charles Krauthammer in a "must read" op-ed entitled "Those troublesome Jews" took the world to task for its hypocrisy (

Today, in an editorial entitled "Turkey's Erdogan bears responsibility in flotilla fiasco", WAPO explains how Erdogan is fueling tensions in the Middle East (

Apparently, there are still light and reason in some corners of the globe.

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  1. WashPo offset those two excellent contributions to discourse with an Op-Ed by Turkey's ambassador to the U.S. Namik Tan "Israel owes Turkey an apology for flotilla attack", and a rather odd article about the conflict between US and Israel foreign policy.

    Today's WSJ deserves kudos for "Reclusive Turkish Imam Criticizes Gaza Flotilla" By JOE LAURIA linked through realclearworld, and even better editorial analysis: "Turkey's Radical Drift: The Islamic charity behind the Gaza flotilla and its links to terror"

    May the WSJ win in the battle with the NYT for New York metro print readership. In the online battle, too soon to tell because the WSJ makes it hard, but not impossible, for non-subscribers to access content. If the link does not reveal the full article, one has to go to with the keywords from the title to get the full article.