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Friday, October 1, 2010

Rahm Emanuel to Resign as White House Chief of Staff: Hillary Next

Although the news item is being buried by The New York Times and CNN, Rahm Emanuel is abandoning the White House as Chief of Staff -- the first to leave the sinking ship. Emanuel, a brutal realist, knows where the Obama administration is headed and doesn't require confirmation of voter dismay in November.

A sign of Emanuel's desperation to leave the post is to be found in his decision, i.e. excuse, to run for Mayor of Chicago, where he is anything but a shoo-in.

Steely-eyed Hillary? My understanding is that she is waiting to crunch the November numbers in order to assess Obama's vulnerability in the primaries. She's already gone on record that she doesn't want to be a two-term Secretary of State, and subsequent to the Democrats' fall debacle, watch for her December resignation, followed by an announcement of her candidacy for president three months later.

More evidence of Hillary's intentions? While Mitchell and Ashton today visit Netanyahu in Caesarea (I am not participating in the discussions) to seek a way to resuscitate the stillborn Obama Middle East peace initiative, cagey Hillary is nowhere to be seen and is disassociating herself from the failure.

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  1. Oh Great Kreskin.

    What insight you hold.

    We'll all be waiting to laugh at you in January, when Hillary Clinton is still Secretary of State.

    How will you rationalize that, Jeffrey?