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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Gail Collins, "Mitt and Begonia-gate": More Flatulence from GC

Honestly, I didn't watch the Republican debate in Las Vegas and didn't read a transcript, although I skimmed a synopsis prepared by Jonathan Tobin in Commentary ( Perry jabbing at Romney does not preoccupy my mind.

Mitt, however, is apparently keeping several New York Times columnists awake at night. First, there was Maureen Dowd's snotty attack upon Romney's Mormon faith yesterday (see: Today, in "Mitt and Begonia-gate" (, Gail Collins observes that the landscaping firm that once maintained Romney's garden outside of Boston may have used undocumented workers. Collins acknowledges that Romney stopped using the firm.

Question for Gail: When you eat out, do you first strut into the restaurant's kitchen and demand to see the dishwashers' papers? I don't.

And of course there was Gail's twenty-fourth reference to the Seamus the dog story. I wonder whether Collins also constantly regales (pun intended) her friends with this anecdote at parties, if she is still being invited. Maybe Gail should assign this story a number for ease of reference and to save the verbiage.

So, if Seamus and illegal aliens trimming Romney's lawn don't arouse me, what wakes me up at night? See my next blog entry ( Yes, there is more to our world than just Democrats versus Republicans.

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