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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kurdish Earthquake Victims in Turkey Desperate for Help

As reported by Reuters (

"Sheltering thousands of families left homeless by a deadly earthquake became Turkey's priority as chances dwindled of finding more survivors four days after disaster struck the mainly Kurdish southeast province of Van.

The death toll rose to 481 on Wednesday and the number of injured was put at 1,650 after Sunday's 7.2 magnitude tremor, the quake-prone country's biggest in more than a decade.

In Ercis, a town of 100,000 that was hardest hit, people stood in a line that stretched back more than 1.5 kilometers to get tents and blankets being handed out by troops."

Peculiar how Turkey could send the ship Mavi Marmara (see: with aid to Gaza, but when its own Kurdish minority, whose standard of living is beneath that which exists in Gaza, is struck by a massive earthquake, persons must stand in a line more than 1.5 kilometers long to obtain blankets and tents, four days after the disaster struck.

And to boot, Turkey delayed receiving help from Israel (

The Kurds truly require their own state.

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