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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Maureen Dowd, "Kevin Warns Republicans": Obama's Looming Crisis With Iran

In "Kevin Warns Republicans" (, Maureen Dowd allows her brother Kevin, whom Maureen terms her "favorite conservative," to write a column, which, just this once, provides some much needed balance to the lopsidely liberal New York Times opinion page. Maureen tells us that Kevin has survived kidney cancer, and I would like to wish him a speedy and complete recovery and many more joyous Christmases with his family.

With a razor-sharp wit akin to that of his sister, Kevin aptly observes:

"It will be easy to benchmark [Obama's job performance as president] since he left office after two years and nine months to campaign full time for the same job but this time as the Republican populist Teddy Roosevelt."

Obama, who is a virtuoso campaigner, yet a dilettantish executive, indeed wishes this were so. Unfortunately for the president, he is soon to face a crisis with the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is likely to define his presidency.

As reported yesterday by CNN (

"'If Iran oil is banned, not a single drop of oil will pass through Hormuz Strait,' Iran's 1st Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi said Tuesday, according to the Iran State News Agency.

Iran is also currently conducting Naval exercises in and around the Strait.

. . . .

Investment bank Merrill Lynch predicts a $40 rise in oil prices if the country's 2.2 million barrels day of crude are shut off completely."

This Iranian threat follows a dramatic change of heart by the Obama administration concerning Iran's development of nuclear weapons (see: After learning that Iran is further along with its development program than previously thought and after being warned that Saudi Arabia will also seek such weapons if the Iranians are not stopped, Obama has belatedly begun to talk tough. In response, however, the Iranians have upped the ante and are talking even tougher.

Who blinks first? The stakes -- including the health of the American economy -- are high, and this could well prove to be Obama's "Cuban Missile Crisis." Moreover, his handling of this predicament will determine whether Obama is awarded a second term in office.

Interesting, also, is the timing of the "Austere Challenge" joint missile defense exercise planned by the U.S. and Israel for April 2012. The exercise is large, and is also being afforded publicity never seen in the past (see:

Obama's fate now rests in his own hands and will not be determined by the quibbling of a lackluster Republican field of presidential candidates. He will not be able to escape the rigors of government and the taxing demands placed on the commander-in-chief during the coming year, as Tehran puts his rickety backbone to the test.


  1. " Tehran puts his rickety backbone to the test..." love that turn of phrase.

    As pointed out on CNBC yesterday, the last eight presidents have done nothing to reduce U.S. dependency on foreign oil. Talk, talk, talk is all they do. Developing production of nat gas, or otherwise reducing the price at the pump by only 25 cents a gallon would, according to CNBC, reduce overall national spending by $30 billion per year.

    A rational energy policy that deploys all possible options: greener energy, alternative energy, nat gas production, technological innovation to boost efficiency...the time has long gone.

  2. Correct. And there is another aspect - the "liberal" jet set and its activities.
    Below is a quote from a letter I sent to a "friend":
    "No ..., the Flotilla jet set which flew last month in jets and was driven in limousines to Washington to … protect the rights of Arab nations to oil monopoly is not for me either and not only because I do not have millions of air miles, millions of car miles, millions in banks and millions in heating bills."

  3. Jeffrey, you are focusing on the NYT. Just a moment ago, I posted a short comment on NPR's Take it Away" (which was a response to the usual "Jewish lobby" nonsense) using the style of a host (some replacement for John):
    "And the reason the Saudis and their pressure are not mentioned is? IS IT TRUE NPR is a lackey of Islamists?"