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Monday, June 18, 2012

Iran, Russia, China and Syria to Hold War Games in Syria?

As stated by Iran's Mehr News Agency (, citing a report from Iran's semi-official Fars News Agency, which is linked to Iran's Revolutionary Guard, Iran, Russia, China and Syria are soon to hold war games in Syria. The item in its entirety:

"Iran, Russia, China, Syria to launch joint war game in Mideast: report

TEHRAN, June 16 (MNA) – An informed source has announced that Iran, Russia, China, and Syria plan to stage a joint war game in Syria in the near future, the Persian service of the Fars News Agency reported on Monday.

90,000 forces from the four countries will be involved in the war game, the informed source said.

No official from the countries has confirmed the news report, but a Syrian official, who spoke on conditional anonymity, announced that the joint war game will be launched in Syria."

This report comes as no progress is being made at the P5+1 negotiations being held with Iran in Moscow over Iran's nuclear development program.

Disinformation? Most likely. Yet what a cold slap in the face this would be for Obama, whose foreign policy has focused on attempting to "reset" relations with Moscow while reaching out to the tyrannical regimes of Iran and Syria.

Regardless of its veracity, the news item is intended as a warning. Time to wake up and smell the coffee, Mr. President. Tehran is not prepared to bend.

[A special message to Assad's security apparatus, which occasionally monitors this blog: Get stuffed!]

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