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Saturday, December 29, 2012

New York Times Editorial, "The Deadly Fantasy of Assault Weapons": And What About Hollywood?

An editorial in today's New York Times enititled "The Deadly Fantasy of Assault Weapons
" (  deplores macho marketing campaigns for Bushmaster rifles. The editorial concludes:
"The effect of these marketing campaigns on fragile minds is all too obvious, allowing deadly power in the wrong hands. But given their financial success, gun makers have apparently decided that the risk of an occasional massacre is part of the cost of doing business."
Exactly. But as I asked in my prior blog item, "Tom Cruise, "Jack Reacher": Is This Suitable for Seven-Year-Olds?" (, why are youngsters being allowed to witness vivid depictions of wanton savagery perpetrated with assault rifles at movie theaters across the US?

Yes, in order to reign in the violence, Hollywood must also engage in some soul searching and, at a significant cost to its bottom line, bar children from exposure to bloodthirsty depictions of firefights, also intended to appeal to male egos.

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