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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Turkey Fines TV Channel for Blasphemous Episode of "The Simpsons"? Heads Roll in Saudi Arabia for Blasphemy

There is a lot of talk about how the government of Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan has fined a TV channel the equivalent of $30,000 for broadcasting a "blasphemous" scene from "The Simpsons" (see: "Blasphemy"? "Yes indeedy," as Ned Flanders might say. The scene - avert your eyes - actually has the devil asking God for a cup of coffee.

But why the excitement? We've known for quite some time that Erdoğan, one of Obama's best buddies (see:, has befriended Hamas and has rubbed shoulders with a variety of other "questionable sorts" (see:, while throwing record numbers of journalists in jail (see:

Judge Obama by the company he keeps? No way. The Reverend Wright, Tony Rezko, Rashid Khalidi and Bill Ayers couldn't make a dent in his sterling reputation.

But why all this noise about "The Simpsons"?

After all, Saudi Arabia executes persons for "blasphemy" (see:, and we all know how Obama feels about the Saudis, as evidenced by his bow to the Saudi king.

[In case you wondered, my travel plans don't include Istanbul, Ankara or Riyadh for the foreseeable future.]


  1. And yet, what seems to be irking the Europeans at the moment is Israel's plans to build 3000 apartments in Jerusalem.
    I can just hear Hillary telling her European counterparts, "Tell the Israelis that heads are going to roll for making such an irresponsible announcment".

  2. I am in trouble. I still would like to consider myself left and progressive, but then again countless absolute and perfect prostitutes consider themselves (are considered by others) left and progressives.
    In comparison with today's "left" and "progressive" prostitutes, the Stalin's international servants can be viewed as paragons of virtue.
    After all, the Soviet Union followed the despicable tsarism, gave women some sort of equality, had an attractive rhetoric and often it was really difficult to know what was happening there.
    The present day prostitutes and bigots adore/ignore the most ruthless autocrats who chop off heads, promotes terrorism and slavery, oppressed women and minorities, suppress a slightest expression, including journalistic, etc.
    ALL in full glare of "the Internets" and social media.

  3. There is so much love in this Obama/Erdogan picture. Oh, my heart melts.
    This picture reminded me of the famous Brezhnev/Honecker kiss:

  4. Anonymous 1:
    Spot on; as pointed out in today's yNet:,7340,L-4315225,00.html

    "One state official claimed that to anger the Europeans would be a strategic mistake at this point..."

    Humm... it seems like the Jews have been angering Europeans for most of the last 1000 years.

  5. I think I should add a clearer statement.
    It was natural for the left of the past to support the Soviet Union. It is beyond absurd for the "left" to support the Ahmadinejads, Erdogans, the Saudis, the Assads, etc.

  6. Another detail - Der Neue Stuermer judaized this crowd (you see they are Jews, Jews, Jews) and they protest.
    B'nai Jerushun calls itself of course "temple," but the title on the front page calls the place synagogue.
    Sorry, synagogue is place of Jewish worship. Anyone who erases Jewish memory, anybody who destroys Jewish identity, anyone who promotes enemies of Jewish people isn't Jewish.
    They are not Jews.

  7. I no, it's the wrong place for my last comment.