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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bill Keller, "Obama’s Fault": Yes, the King Has No Clothes

Bill Keller, in his latest New York Times op-ed entitled "Obama’s Fault" (, has finally gotten around to acknowledging that Obama owns America's economic mess. Keller begins:

"Our feckless leaders may be incapable of passing a budget, but, boy, can they pass the buck. The White House spent last week in full campaign hysteria, blitzing online followers with the message that heartless Republicans are prepared to transform America into 'Les Misérables' in order to protect 'millionaires and billionaires, oil companies, vacation homes, and private jet owners.'"

After making the obligatory references to "pigheaded" Republicans (true, it takes two to tango), Keller continues:

"But if you care about the long-term health of the country, the president has more to answer for than just inventing a particular type of fiscal time bomb. The large mess we are in is in no small part the result of missed opportunities and political miscalculation at 1600 Pennsylvania."

Keller finishes:

"Clearly the days of 'putting off unpleasant decisions' are not over. And this is where they get you."

Will Keller also be castigated and threatened with banishment as he joins Bob Woodward in recognizing the truth?

US national debt? Quickly closing in on $17 trillion and never to be repaid.

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  1. Wait a moment ... This is not true. The King has no clothes, but our President has nice clothes. Actually, I think he is all about the clothes and smiles and nice, pretty words - many of them. I wish he had no clothes so maybe, the dumb, the stupid, the illiterate would see better.