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Monday, March 4, 2013

Iran Responds to US Concessions in Kazakhstan: Advanced Anti-Aircraft Missiles Seized Off Yemeni Coast; Obama Demonstrates His Negotiating Prowess

If you wondered how the mullahs would respond to the concessions offered by the P5+1 during the most recent "negotiating" session over Iran's nuclear armaments program, you can set your mind at ease. As reported by The New York Times (

"An Iranian dhow seized off the Yemeni coast was carrying sophisticated Chinese antiaircraft missiles, a development that could signal an escalation of Iran’s support to its Middle Eastern proxies, alarming other countries in the region and renewing a diplomatic challenge to the United States.

Among the items aboard the dhow, according to a review of factory markings on weapons and their packing crates, were 10 Chinese heat-seeking antiaircraft missiles, most of them manufactured in 2005."

Yup, that Obama is one heck of a negotiator. As observed in his most recent New York Times op-ed (see:, Bill Keller observed:

"That year-end [2012] tax deal was not a negotiating triumph for the Democrats. Obama wanted $1.2 trillion in new revenues over 10 years. Boehner let it be known he would go as high as $800 billion. By the time the master deal-makers of the White House were done, the 'compromise' tax hike was $620 billion. I’d love to be the guy who sells the president his next car."

The problem is that the mullahs are far slicker than any car salesman I ever met.

Maybe Obama should flash them a stellar smile and blow them another Nowruz kiss, given that the Persian new year celebration is fast approaching. What a mess.

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  1. "Maybe Obama should flash them a stellar smile and blow them another Nowruz kiss"
    Well, it's obvious why Obama is where he is ..
    If you raise a couple of generations on "smile, don't argue" "image is everything" "hug and kiss" "be positive" etc., sooner or later you'll paid for it.
    Obama is the president the nation deserves.