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Friday, May 31, 2013

Gail Collins, "The Politics of Free Food": A Stinky Red Herring II

Gail Collins loves to write about scandals . . . as long as they don't involve Democrats, particularly the current occupant of the Oval Office.

In her latest New York Times op-ed entitled "The Politics of Free Food" (, Collins writes:

"Today, let’s talk about Virginia, host of the nation’s most interesting off-year election. True, the New York mayor’s race has been pretty frisky since we acquired Anthony Weiner as a candidate, but I’m still going with Virginia.

The governor’s race there has a dandy ethics controversy that began with charges that a businessman with a rather dicey background gave Gov. Bob McDonnell $15,000 to pay for the catering at his daughter’s wedding. Actually, this would have been perfectly legal if McDonnell had just disclosed it. Under Virginia’s ethics laws, the governor can accept anything — house, car, private jet, former Soviet republic — as long as he puts it in the proper form."

Weiner, of course, is a Democrat, whose wife is tied to Hillary. McDonnell, of course, is a Republican, but the word "Republican" never once appears in Collins's opinion piece, thus providing the illusion that she is a blind, albeit less than lithe, champion of justice. Yeah, right.

This latest op-ed from Collins follows on the heels of "Michele, Here’s the Bell" (see:, in which she jumps all over Michele Bachmann.

Well, I'm not keen on McDonnell or Bachmann. However, their "antics" pale in comparison with the horrors implicit in the Benghazi, IRS and AP/Rosen scandals. No one in the Obama administration lifted a finger to prevent an American ambassador from being slaughtered, the IRS was politicized and we still don't know who gave the instructions, and the First Amendment is under siege by an incompetent attorney general, yet why should any of this matter? If Collins and her op-ed colleagues from The New York Times - with the notable exception of Maureen Dowd - were to have their way, all of these peccadilloes would be swept under the carpet.

The problem is that the stench of what's hiding under the rug just keeps getting stronger.

By the way, anyone notice where Joe Biden has been keeping lately? He's disappeared, and this man who has never been known for his reticence is strangely unavailable for comment. He just may have a shot at the presidency in 2016 if Hillary, deep in hiding, has the good sense not to run.

1 comment:

  1. McDonnell is not on Virginia's ballot because Virginia limits governors to one term.
    Without reading Collins' entire opinion, does she not know that McAuliffe v Cuccinelli is considered a low enthusiasm 'lesser of two evils' gubernatorial contest by many Virginia voters? Cuccinelli is tainted by McDonnell, but Mcauliffe is tainted by not being certain he lives in Virginia :)

    Interesting that the special Senate election to replace Kerry, pitting former Navy Seal Gomez vs time-to-retire-if-we-do-not-have-more-gun-control Markey is not even mentioned, despite the election scheduled for June 25. And that election IS a referendum on the Obama "pecadilloes", which is why it is Michelle Obama campaigning for Markey.

    As for Biden? He is probably on a yoga retreat in Bali, contemplating if Kirsten Gillibrand is going to replace Hillary for 2016.