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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Gail Collins, "Loud Is a Losing Proposition": Christie Against Hillary? Neck-to-Neck or Cheek-to-Cheek?

In her latest New York Times op-ed entitled "Loud Is a Losing Proposition" (, a vacuous Gail Collins, already worried about Democratic chances in the 2016 US presidential election, has kicked off her campaign against Republican front runner Chris Christie. Collins tells us that women don't like screamers:

"If [Christie] winds up running, it could be a fantastic test of my theory that women won’t vote for men who yell.

We don’t need to have a discussion about whether or not Christie is a yeller, right?"

Labeling Christie the "Yelling Guy," Collins concludes:

"Maybe quiet and sane trumps loud and crazy, even in Republican primary politics.

Could be the start of something soft-spoken."

Well, on the subject of yelling, I wonder how Collins relates to a "soft-spoken" Hillary Clinton.

Query for Gail: Are women free to scream, but men can't?

And as long as we're on the subject of volume, consider how an unctuously quiet Barack Obama is making out on the international scene. Recall his would-be off-the-record comments to then Russian President Medvedev, including a promise of "flexibility" in his second term.

Given that Obama has now been forced to cancel his summit meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, we can again see the benefits of the US president's quiet diplomacy.

But I don't think 2016 is going to be about "yelling." Rather, I think it's going to be about "fat," as US voters compare the supersized bottoms of Chris Christie and Hillary Clinton.

I wonder what a pleasantly plump Collins will have to say when Christie and Clinton have their first televised debate in another two and a half years. Neck-to-neck? No, it's more apt to be cheek-to-cheek.

As you can well imagine, I just can't wait.

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  1. "Maybe quiet and sane trumps loud and crazy"
    Yeah, yeah, yeah. And quiet and crazy don't occur in nature. Sure. And all loud are .... crazy? If LADY Gail tells us so, it must be so.
    Boy, why oh why all people at the NYT are soooooo cheap, pretentious, bigoted and truly, truly, truly idiotic?