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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Gail Collins, "Rocks in Space": What's Floating Around Gail's Head?

What's in the news this morning?

Churches have been torched and more than a thousand are dead in Egypt, hundreds of Syrian civilians appear to have died from a chemical weapons attack launched by the Assad regime notwithstanding Obama's ominous "red line" warning, Pfc. Bradley Manning has been sentenced to 35 years in prison, and the Federal Reserve may soon be easing back on stimulus.

What's floating around in Gail Collins's head? Answer: rocks, or more specifically asteroids.

In her latest New York Times op-ed entitled
"Rocks in Space" (, Collins informs us:

"The White House wants to send an unmanned spacecraft to capture a smallish asteroid, tow it back and put it into orbit around the moon, where we could send astronauts to study it. This would most definitely help us in the race to develop the best 'capture bag,' and there’s pretty wide agreement we would acquire some other useful technology as well."

Care to tell us a little bit more about that "other useful technology," Gail?

Yup, this is the next best thing to come out of Collins since her "running joke" concerning Romney's dog Seamus.

If Obama merited the Nobel Peace Prize, Collins certainly deserves a Pulitzer for this outstanding piece of . . . journalism.

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  1. Ah, it occurred to me that our Hawaiian boy can't deal now with domestic and international issues.
    He is busy now, preparing to use the great opportunity - the 50th anniversary and he practicing poses and memorizing speech promoting himself as the Messiah, of course, whom some MLK predicted would come. This will be fun.
    What a user of everything and everyone.