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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Dana Milbank, "Obama is a prisoner of groupthink": Or a Prisoner of His Own Inflated Ego?

In his latest Washington Post opinion piece entitled "Obama is a prisoner of groupthink" (, Dana Milbank tell us he is disturbed that Obama's cabinet "all came to the same conclusion" regarding the Bergdahl prisoner exchange. Milbank writes:

"In the Bergdahl case, the problem wasn’t the exchange itself. There are compelling moral and historical justifications for swapping prisoners at the end of a war, and the Republican efforts to turn the negotiations with the Taliban into another 'scandal' are far-fetched. As The Post’s David Fahrenthold and Jaime Fuller have documented, many of Obama’s critics have opportunistically switched positions on Bergdahl.

The real damage was self-inflicted: choosing to highlight the exchange with a Rose Garden ceremony featuring Bergdahl’s eccentric father, and then allowing Rice, the national security adviser, to go on television and say Bergdahl served with 'honor and distinction' even though administration officials had to know this was in dispute."

Milbank's conclusion:

"Now, as Obama finally withdraws the last troops from Afghanistan, he’ll be a more effective president if he can also remove himself from the groupthink produced by his adoring acolytes."

"Obama will be a more effective president if . . ."? Oh really? How does he part company with Chuck Hagel, who, like the Straw Man in "The Wizard of Oz," is hopelessly in search of a brain? Or Kerry, who failed to bring about Middle East peace, but has succeeded in altering the contours of his 70-year-old face? Or hatchet woman Susan Rice, whose credibility is far beyond repair?

Or stated otherwise, the next two and a half years will be much akin to an errant rocket, whose trajectory can no longer be altered.

Obama is a prisoner of "groupthink"? Rubbish. Obama is a narcissist whose ego must be stroked and who cannot accept that his worldview was warped from the day he entered the Oval Office.


  1. Obama is a master manipulator and charlatan. Several years ago, two of his childhood friends in Indonesia recalled their conversation about their childhood dreams. One wanted to be a general, another wanted to be a banker, BUT Obama wanted to be ... President. When asked why, he responded because both banker and general would serve HIM. This exactly what he did. It seem to be a strait line toward his goal - minimal effort, constant uninterrupted manipulation. On paper his resume looks pretty, but when one looks closely one can see a pattern - editor of Harvard Law Review means only one thing - the people "liked" him or that the people thought he'd look good for the image of school, it is a representative position which doesn't require any knowledge and any work. And yes, he didn't leave any "writing" trace there. Community organizer for two years - and you have the same thing - people liked him (and of course no serious effort on his part and of course NO commitment - enough for my resume, time to move on), law practice for three years - enough for my resume (this was work), time to move on. Pseudo-professorial position (he was just an instructor, but enough to impressed the illiterate) at Chicago Law school quickly turned into public service (without any visible trace of the service - voting "present" when voting at all etc. and yes, you guess it - move on.
    Gliding through life using the idiots, the confused, the self-hating, etc.

  2. Obama is concerned with but one thing-his own self image,trying to make himself noteworthy in the history books.History however,will show that his attempts did nothing but damage to the nation.