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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Maureen Dowd, "When Will Hillary Let It Go?": Again the Claws Come Out!

Remember how Maureen Dowd did all in her power during the 2008 Democratic primaries to promote her beloved Barry, while never missing an opportunity to take a swipe at Hillary? Well, although Obama will no longer need her help in 2016, Dowd is still at Hillary's throat.

In her latest New York Times op-ed entitled "When Will Hillary Let It Go?" (, Maureen Dowd compares Hillary Clinton with Elsa from Disney's "Frozen" (no, I did not see it - you would have to pay me to see it). Dowd writes:

"Like Arendelle, America is frozen: The war still rages in Iraq, the Clintons still dominate the political scene and Hillary still obsesses about money, a narrative thread that has existed since she was thwarted in her desire to build a pool at the governor’s mansion in poor Arkansas and left the White House with a doggie bag full of sofas, rugs, lamps, TVs and china, some of which the Clintons later had to pay for or return. Even Chelsea was cashing in, getting a ridiculous, $600,000-a-year scion salary from NBC, far greater than that of many of the network’s correspondents."

Ouch! Could it be that Chelsea is also making more than Maureen?

But wait, there's more: Dowd tells us how Hillary recently informed Diane Sawyer that she now intends to "say what I know, what I believe, and let the chips fall." To which Maureen responds, "it’s not believable that Hillary Rodham Clinton will suddenly throw caution and calculation to the wind."

I would go a step further than Dowd and take the position that "it's not believable that Hillary Rodham Clinton will suddenly throw caution and calculation to the wind" and tell the truth. Remarkably, Hillary recently characterized her Russian "reset" as a "brilliant stroke" during an "interregnum" when Medvedev was still Russia's president (see: Who cares if Putin subsequently annexed Crimea? Who cares if Russia enabled mass murderer Bashar al-Assad to retain hold of Syria? Hillary certainly doesn't care - she wants to be president, even if it means twisting the facts like a pretzel.

Is it possible that Hillary truly regards the "reset" as a success (akin to coming under fire in Bosnia)? Now you're beginning to frighten me. Maybe she really did fall on her head.

But wait, Maureen is still not done! Regarding Hillary's new book, "Hard Choices" (no, I did not read it - you would have to pay me to read it), Dowd informs us:

"There isn’t one surprising or scintillating or provocative word in the whole book. 'Hard Choices' is inert, a big yawn."

That should help keep it on the Times best seller list.

Dowd's parting blow:

"What Elsa discovers at the end of 'Frozen' is that her powers can actually be used for good, once her heart is filled with love. She escapes from her prison, leaves behind the negative things that held her back, and leads her kingdom to a happy and prosperous future.

Can Hillary?"

In fact, Hillary's heart is indeed filled with a peculiar kind of love, but it's only for one person, and it's not for Bill.


  1. Insinuating that Hillary's heart, "filled with good" can impel her to do the right thing is quite hilarious--unbelievable. Wait while I recover my composure. Such hilarity is a welcome break from the heartbreak and dread of the three kidnapped children.

    1. My prayers go out to these children and their families.