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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ed Husain, "Saudis Must Stop Exporting Extremism": And What About Qatar?

In a New York Times guest op-ed entitled "Saudis Must Stop Exporting Extremism," with a subheading "ISIS Atrocities Started With Saudi Support for Salafi Hate," Ed Husain, "an adjunct senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and a senior adviser to the Tony Blair Faith Foundation," courageously writes:

"Let’s be clear: Al Qaeda, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, Boko Haram, the Shabab and others are all violent Sunni Salafi groupings. For five decades, Saudi Arabia has been the official sponsor of Sunni Salafism across the globe."

Finally, the link between Saudi Arabia and the Islamic State, alternately known as ISIS or ISIL, is being acknowledged in a national US newspaper. However, there is no mention of the link between Qatar and the Islamic State and other radical Sunni terrorist organizations in this opinion piece by Husain.

As those who read this blog already know, The Washington Post refused to publish an opinion piece that I submitted, tying Qatar to these terrorist organizations. In July, the US signed an $11 billion arms deal with Qatar, the world's richest country per capita, which has a population of two million and which is the size of Connecticut. In addition, Obama attempted to force Netanyahu to accept Qatari and Turkish mediation of Israel's conflict with Hamas.

When will the US media get around to examining the US arms deal with Qatar and the stench surrounding Qatar's support of terror?

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