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Saturday, August 23, 2014

US State Department Spokesdimwit Marie Harf: ISIS and Hamas "Quite Different in Some Ways"

When asked about Netanyahu's comparison of ISIS and Hamas on Wednesday, US State Department spokesdimwit spokesperson Marie Harf responded:

"They’re both foreign terrorist organizations designated under United States law, but I’m not going to do any more comparison of them. Obviously, they’re quite different in some ways."

Harf's circumlocutions remind me of the painfully awful book launch speech scene from Bridget Jones's Diary (2001).

Well, following the execution by Hamas on Friday of 18 alleged "collaborators," even the Palestian Authority president's secretary-general, Tayeb Abdel Rahim, is claiming that these executions are akin to those being perpertrated by the Islamic State.

Perhaps someone would care to ask Harf again for her "expert" opinion.


  1. Ah, Marie. I discovered her yesterday morning and I haven't stop laughing yet. Yes, it's a sad laugh.
    Her yesterday's pearl of wisdom was: "War with America is not what ISIS represents" and she continued repeating what her master stated earlier - something along the lines that ISIS isn't of course Islam, since Islam is wonderful but ISIS charmers are not very good. ISIS charmers say that they are Muslims, other Muslims say that they are Muslims, but our Marie insists they are not.
    That reminds me of what some German apologists do. They insist that the Nazis were aliens who descended on good German soil. But, at least they are Germans.
    Why does our President is an Islam apologist who insist that Islam is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful and since ISIS is bad, they must be some aliens who descended on wonderful Muslims?
    Did we (not me exactly) elect our President to be a Muslim apologist?

  2. Again, this Marie is a comical figure. Her non-existing education and obviously, her non-existing intellect and her condescension and arrogance (covering insecurity? - well, with her "qualifications"!) make one wonder why people like she are in State Department.
    NETANYAHU sees similarities, but to our Marie "OBVIOUSLY, they’re quite different in some ways."

  3. So, "Islam has nothing to do with ISIS" is probably part I.
    I am expecting tomorrow from my President and his spokescow part II:'
    " It is a preconceived plan of Zionists who want to deliberately make Islam look bad."
    Europe is ahead in time and "expression." This is a quote from Yasmina Haifi, some Dutch Official.

  4. I am just coming to the point of revelation that these folks, like Marie and Hagel, are not incompetent. They are put in place--the State Dept, the Treasury Dept., etc precisely to be apologists, liars, connivers. They are masterful. I'm beginning to think to there is a cabal. Their antics are either to create absolute chaos or we, the minions at the lower levels, cannot see the big picture. Of course, the popular "cabal narrative" says they will create chaos so the world can be "saved" by them and their "world bank." The chaos thing seems to working well for them. Sort of.