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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Kerry Doesn't Care If Kobani Falls

As reported in a New York Times article entitled "ISIS Advances in Syrian Border Town of Kobani Despite Airstrikes" by

"Secretary of State John Kerry said Wednesday that preventing the town’s fall to Islamic State militants was not a strategic objective for the United States.

'As horrific as it is to watch in real time what is happening in Kobani,' Mr. Kerry said at a news conference with the British foreign secretary in Washington, 'you have to step back and understand the strategic objective.' He added that the focus had been on the militants’ 'command and control centers, the infrastructure.'"

Attack the command and control centers of the Islamic State? Sorry, John, but they're a figment of your imagination.

On the other hand, it is well worth the effort to assist the Kurds (who have always been friendly to the US), prevent a massacre of civilians, and stem the panic being spread by marauding ISIS forces.


  1. Exactly. This Obama administration has found a thousand ways of evading serious action. Just take a look at the photos of Kobani on Google Earth. And then of the region. Command structures? What are they talking about? As you say, Jeffrey, they are figments of the Kerry/Obama administration. There is no ISIS Pentagon.

  2. a few years ago, Erdogan repeatedly ordered Turkish gun-helos (forget the model!) into Iraqi Kurdistan to hunt the PKK.

    Time to send the Turks back to Central Asia.
    Or, a do-over of the Crimean War where Russia wins because Britain decides to finally stop propping up whoever controls the Dardanelles.

    Erdogan's Turks are losing on optics...all those tanks sitting by while Kurds are massacred...

    what will Erdogan say when the BBC leads with images of the heads of Kobani's Kurdish female fighters? (please do NOT let that happen, but...)