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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

US General Dempsey "Fearful" That Kobani Will Fall: The Most Powerful Army in the World Cannot Save the City?

In an exclusive interview with ABC News’s Martha Raddatz, US General Martin Dempsey declared in response to a question concerning ISIL's siege of the Syrian city of Kobani:

"In fact, I just got off the phone with my Turkish counterpart about it. . . . Well, they are obviously tracking it just like we are. They've got forces on their side of the border that will prevent ISIL from making any incursions into Turkey, but of course ISIl is smart enought not to do that. I am fearful that Kobani will fall. We have been striking when we can. ISIL is a learning enemy, and they know how to maneuver and how to use populations and concealment. So, when we get a target we'll take it."

"Striking when we can"? Rubbish! Kobani has been under attack for several weeks already, and there has been absolutely no coordination of American airstrikes with the lightly armed Kurdish ground defenders. Why? Because the Turks, who are fearful of the Kurds (some 18 percent of Turkey's population, many of whom want independence), won't allow it.

When Raddatz asked about the possibility of 5,000 Kurds being slaughtered if Kobani falls, Dempsey replied:

"I heard that estimate. We think that most of the residents have actually fled, so whether there are still 5,000 people there or not is a matter of conjecture at this point. But I have no doubt that ISIL will conduct the same kind of horrific atrocities if they have the opportunity to do so."

The US military, the most powerful military in the world, cannot prevent Kobani from falling? What an embarrassment!

A "matter of conjecture" whether 5,000 Kurds will be murdered? That certainly puts my mind at rest.

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    best analysis here in USA on Kobani.

    And, Turkey's 'optics' - tanks sitting in range while Turkish 'security' attacks Kurdish protesters throughout Turkey.

    and, Turkey's military has been "Erdoganized". Maybe they do not want to be embarrassed by actually trying to fight...