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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Dana Milbank, "Obama seems numb to this latest ‘shellacking’ of Democrats": Saying "No" to a Narcissist

In a Washington Post opinion piece entitled "Obama seems numb to this latest ‘shellacking’ of Democrats," Dana Milbank notes President Obama's indifference to the loss of the Senate by Democrats. Milbank writes:

"[W]hen Obama fielded questions for an hour Wednesday afternoon, he spoke as if Tuesday had been but a minor irritation. He announced no changes in staff or policy, acknowledged no fault or error and expressed no contrition or regret."

A narcissist acknowledge blame? No way! Narcissists never take responsibility for anything that goes wrong. They invariably shift the responsibility to someone else.

The midterm elections? Obama is incapable of accepting the rebuke and adapting his policies, and regrettably, it is the United States which stands to suffer over the next two years.

Will Obama still attempt to reach agreement with Iran concerning its nuclear weapons development program without seeking Congressional approval? Stay tuned.

1 comment:

  1. The Democratic Party needs another day, for all the maps, to absorb that identity politics is meaningless without jobs.

    Maryland (governor) is the real surprise. not even close.

    The change in Senate chairmanships will most certainly be a check on Iran.

    Congress can now insist that Executive Orders be fully funded,

    The wild card is whether Obama outsources Iran to Russia.

    The dynasties were trounced.

    In empathy, no sympathy, they must be shell-shocked.