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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Thomas Friedman, "Makers and Breakers": The Internet Is Good and Bad . . . Yawn

It is now being reported that Iran violated its interim agreement with the P5+1 by accelerating production of enriched uranium over the past two months. But why should this come as a surprise? The Iranians know that Obama is desperate to do a deal with Khamenei come hell or high water, and at this point they can pretty much do whatever they want. Does Thomas Friedman discuss this or any of Obama's other foreign policy disasters leading up to the Democratic midterm disaster in his latest New York Times op-ed? Not a chance. Instead, Friedman informs us in an opinion piece entitled "Makers and Breakers" about the benefits and risks of the Internet:

"This is a great time to be a maker, an innovator, a starter-upper. Thanks to the Internet, you can raise capital, sell goods or services and discover collaborators and customers globally more easily than ever. This is a great time to make things. But it is also a great time to break things, thanks to the Internet. If you want to break something or someone, or break into somewhere that is encrypted, and collaborate with other bad guys, you can recruit and operate today with less money, greater ease and greater reach than ever before. This is a great time to be a breaker. That’s why the balance of power between makers and breakers will shape our world every bit as much as the one between America, Russia and China."

The Internet is both good and bad? Fascinating. Place anything in cloud storage? Not me.

The breakers? They're not all bad guys. Inevitably, when Israel fights its next war, you'll see what I mean.

C'est tout.