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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

David Brooks, "How to Fix Politics": A Voice of Reason From Planet Zog

Observing that we are in the middle of a "depressing presidential campaign" and noting that "Trump voters don’t seem to realize how unelectable their man is because they hang out with people like themselves," David Brooks proposes a solution in his latest New York Times op-ed entitled "How to Fix Politics." Brooks writes:

"If we’re going to salvage our politics, we probably have to shrink politics, and nurture the thick local membership web that politics rests within. We probably have to scale back the culture of autonomy that was appropriate for the 1960s but that has since gone too far."

Fascinating. Now we know what will wean Republicans away from Trump, who, if nominated, is going to be "schlonged."

All that remains is to explain to those same Trump supporters "the thick local membership web that politics rests within" and America's exaggerated "culture of autonomy."

Good luck!

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