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Friday, April 8, 2016

David Brooks, "The Lincoln Caucus": Is the Kasich Candidacy As Dumb As It Seems?

Dissatisfied with the Trump and Cruz presidential candidacies and anticipating a brokered Republican convention, David Brooks calls for a "caucus made up of delegates who are not happy with the choices currently before them" in his latest New York Times op-ed entitled "The Lincoln Caucus." Brooks writes:

"First, the Lincoln Caucus would work with the rules committee to get rid of any party bylaws that inhibit delegate flexibility at the convention. Second, it would tell the Trump and Cruz campaigns this: After the second ballot, we will entertain offers for our support. You may offer us policy pledges, personnel positions or anything you think will win our favor."

Policy pledges, personnel positions or anything to win over these delegates? Heck, Trump and Cruz can promise them anything, but unless either of these gentlemen (in the case of Trump, I use the word loosely) is elected, these promises will be worthless.

More to the point, if Trump is the candidate, he is going to be "schlonged."

Remarkably, the only Republican candidate who currently emerges victorious over both Clinton and Sanders in recent polls is John Kasich.

Maybe the hapless John Kasich candidacy - he has only won his home state primary - is not as dumb as it seems.

1 comment:

  1. John Kasich needs a better explanation for his tenure at Lehman Brothers, and the 'pure conservatives' will never forgive him for expanding Ohio Medicaid.

    But, he needs to stay in, as the sole rational & experienced candidate who has NOT been forced to suspend his candidacy.

    Of course, it is possible there is something in the water making primary voters a bit dodgy...