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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Has Swedish Foreign Minister Bildt's Brain Gone Missing?

The Swedish Penal Code prohibits "hate speech" that expresses disrespect for ethnic groups, but Swedish Foreign Minister Bildt is incapable of drawing the connection between the absurd allegation of organ harvesting by Israeli soldiers in 1992 now surfacing in the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet and the centuries-old blood libel accusing Jews of using Christian children's blood in Passover matzot.

Fortunately, Israelis, i.e. Jews, have yet to be accused of robbing Bildt of his brain.


  1. Next time, they will discover Elders of Zion and suggest to have discussion and further investigation in the spirit of free speech. Something is deeply wrong with Europe. Perhaps, it is their pathological love for Arabs.

  2. The Swedish Trade Union Confederation owns 50.1 percent of Aftonbladet's shares and controls its editorial policy. This latest instance of anti-Semitism from Aftonbladet comes as no surprise.

  3. Jeffrey,

    You hint at something, I am not aware of. Why do you think it has something to do with the Trade Union? Why would you expect anti-Semitism from them?

  4. Many of the European trade unions are notoriously "anti-Israel".

  5. Europe is sick. Thanks God we have Israel and USA!

    I like that Israel became more assertive recently.
    We are neither victims, nor perpetrators. World shall get used to it.