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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wee-weed Up

In his August 21 New York Times op-ed entitled "Voices of Anxiety", concerning U.S. economic woes and ambiguous health care reform, Bob Herbert contradicts himself. He tells us that a smiling Obama stated:

“There is something about August going into September where everybody in Washington gets all wee-weed up.”

He then observes:

"Wee-weed up? I don’t know what that means".

Next, he tells us that Obama:

"has a command of the English language like few others".

Herbert tells us that people:

"don’t feel that he is speaking to them in a language that they understand."

He concludes by noting:

"Mr. Obama has proved the naysayers wrong time and again. But if it turns out that this time he’s wrong, hold onto your hats. Because right now there is no Plan B."

I am also unsure concerning the meaning of "wee-weed up"; however, there is a "Plan B" come 2012, at which time the dynamic duo of Obama and Axelrod might be none too sanguine, i.e. also "wee-weed up".

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  1. I do not read Herbert after his column, where he said he is "enraged" by the police "racism" in the Gates case. The word "anger" was in the title. It reads as an incitement for a race war. Here is his own summary:

    "Instead of eschewing anger in the face of continuing and deeply racist criminal justice outrages, ordinary black Americans need to channel those emotions into action that will bring change."

    Obviously, he believes blacks have an upper hand now.

    In my view, he can not be objective: he is busy being enraged by imagined suffering of innocent blacks from whites in America.