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Monday, July 19, 2010

Arrest of Hamas Terror Cell that Murdered Policeman

Perhaps you will recall the murder several weeks ago in the Hebron Hills of a Jewish policeman, who was ambushed while stopping to assist a Palestinian with staged car trouble ( Today it was announced that the Hamas terror cell responsible for the shooting has been captured.

This murder was ignored by Times columnist Nicholas Kristof in his recent op-ed mini-series concerning Israeli-Palestinian relations. Kristof also refused to acknowledge cooperation in the West Bank between Israel and the Palestinian Authority to quell Hamas terror, as evidenced by these arrests.

As noted by the Jerusalem Post:

"One of the leaders of the cell told how just two weeks before the attack he had accompanied his daughter to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem where she underwent surgery to remove a tumor from her eye. The surgery was funded by an Israeli organization."

Humanitarian assistance of this kind provided by Israel to Palestinians was, needless to say, also disregarded by Kristof, who can only see through his Left eye. Unfortunately, Kristof's blindness cannot be corrected by Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital.


  1. The Israelis are proud helping Palestinians, providing them with medical help and so on. Some people would see these Palestinians as being ungrateful. The arrested group clearly do not see it this way. They think all Israel belongs to them, so they take whatever they can each time. I wonder, how popular is this understanding among Palestinians and Israeli Arabs.

  2. Here's the thing...the world is upside down. That which should be white is black and vice-versa. No rhyme or reason. Counter-intuition abounds. So, if Israel is to be condemned, might as well give em something to howl about: revoke the freeze on building, invoke a zero-tolerance policy of any harassment of settlers or farmers. Disallow planting by "activists" on behalf of Palestinians in Gush Etzion and Netzer. Do whatever it takes, no matter how devious, to free Gilad.

    Just some of my ideas. If Israel can't be acknowledged as a light unto the nations, let her at least be vilified for doing what is in the interest
    and security of her long-suffering and exiled people.