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Friday, July 23, 2010

New Basketball Record in Gaza

Did you notice CNN's online headline today?: "Thousands of Gaza kids set unofficial record for basketballs bounced" ( Something sounds horribly wrong here. Thousands of starving children bouncing basketballs? No way! Surely these emaciated children lack the strength to bounce basketballs in the heat of the summer!

And thousands of basketballs? Can't possibly be! According to Nicholas Kristof, Gaza is "under siege," and where could thousands of basketballs be obtained?

Given the "Warsaw Ghetto" conditions prevalent in Gaza, it is inconceivable that thousands of basketballs were smuggled into Gaza instead of food. I am convinced this is all a Zionist ruse.

But not to worry: A new Gaza flotilla is planned from Lebanon, bringing more medicines that have passed their expiration dates ( A pity that the aid is not contributed to Palestinians in Lebanon, who are in greater need of assistance; however, Lebanon's Shiites still have a score to settle with the Sunni Palestinians, who, prior to 1982, were the overlords of southern Lebanon.


  1. Haven't indulged your penchant for sarcasm lately so this is joy. And now that the new upscale mall has opened, the "activists" can disembark, shop, and enjoy an ice cafe while posing for pics with the poor, oppressed victims of occupation.

  2. Yes, there is the new shopping mall. And while you're at it, have a look at pictures of Gaza's Grand Plaza Hotel.

  3. I shall. They have time to build a Grand Plaza Hotel between Kassams being lobbed at Israel? What an industrious lot.