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Monday, July 19, 2010

Putting an End to Anti-Semitism Posted by The New York Times

Below is the first e-mail to go out to a New York Times online advertiser, Starbucks Coffee:

Starbucks is an online New York Times advertiser. The Times posts anti-Semitic readers' comments in response to news items and op-eds, and although The Times doesn't write them, it states that comments "generally will be posted if they are on-topic and not abusive," i.e. anti-Semitism posted by The Times is "not abusive".

Recent example:

I guess I now understand why Iran wants nuclear weapons! If I lived anywhere close to fascist Israel, I would want them too. After all, if Israel can have them why not everyone else? . . . . Imagine the creator choosing the most arrogant tribe on the face of the earth as his "special people"!

Note the reference to Jews as "the most arrogant tribe on the face of the earth". Criticism of Israel can be legitimate. Anti-Semitism, however, is racism.

Senior editors at The Times were notified of this comment, but didn't remove it.

This was not an isolated incident. Prior examples:

Israel lies all the time, and as I understand it lies are not considered sinful by the Orthodox if they serve to advance the cause of the chosen people.

[A]s our great nation the USA has recently shown, cheered on by one bright jew david brooks, a small bunch of stupid men claiming to be closer to god but really just being stupid, selfish and unfair, can run enormous fortunes into the ground and make enemies out of old friends.

The general Jewish reaction to Cohen's article about Iran Jews demonstrates to a good extent that most recent, and presently overriding, Jewish "malady". The term "malady" used here refers to two and only two things:
- Total unwillingness to see things any differently from their own perception
- Over sensitivity to any thing BUT complete, verbatim, repetition and duplication of their own outlook to things related to or "affecting them.

Israel was smart to place people in all areas of the US Govenment and Schools to make sure they were able to use the United States for their needs.

Seeing the destruction and misery that the current Jewish Israeli population is capable of, and willing to commit, against poor and defenseless people leaves one to wonder what they would do had the Holocaust never taken place and there were twice as many of them as there are now.

Some of these comments were removed by The Times after publication, but only after the damage had been done.

I ask Starbucks to halt advertising with The Times until it remedies this outrage.

Your response will be posted at and forwarded to the ADL, Weisenthal Center and CAMERA.


  1. And the response of Starbucks is . . .?

  2. My response if they don't respond: I stop drinking Starbucks coffee.

  3. I'm willing to go without Starbucks if they don't answer, but do you think they will care?

  4. Let's give them the opportunity to answer before deciding whether to go without our coffee.