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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Anti-Semitism: No Response from Charles Blow

Following my e-mails concerning the vile anti-Semitic readers' comments that were posted by The New York Times in response to Charles Blow's blog post, "Obama and the Jews, Part 2" (see:, Blow, Andrew Rosenthal and the Office of the Public Editor of The Times did not respond, and the anti-Semitic readers' comments were not removed. Apparently, anti-Semitism is deemed "not abusive" by the once venerable Gray Lady.

Meanwhile, Charles Blow has published an op-ed entitled "I Had a Nightmare" (, in which he declares his love for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and denounces Glenn Beck's “Restoring Honor” rally on the 47th anniversary of Dr. King’s “I Have a Dream” speech.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is also one of my heroes, a fearless giant among men, whose legacy will live forever among those who believe in freedom and equality. His death, never properly investigated, still leaves me in anguish.

Dr. King also championed the fight for better understanding among African Americans and Jews and refused to tolerate anti-Semitism.

If Mr. Blow truly cares about Dr. King's legacy, I think it is a pity that he has chosen to ignore the hateful comments that were published in response to his blog post "Obama and the Jews, Part 2".

Mr. Blow concludes his op-ed of today's date, "I Had a Nightmare", by declaring:

"We should use Glenn’s nightmare to reconnect with Martin’s dream."

Fine, but before condemning Glenn Beck's "divisiveness", Mr. Blow has a little mess to clean up at home.


  1. Blow does nor say, where he got the statistics. Which is very strange for a serious newspaper. He tries to interpret changes in party affiliation as a proof of especial Jewish disloyalty.

    Here are the Gallup's data about Obama's support by religious affiliation:

    The point missed by Blow is : it is not just Jews. It is Obama and Muslims on one side, and most of other people on another.

    Will somebody be surprised that Blow has issues with Jewish disloyalty, not Mormons'? That Blow did not even include statistics for Muslims and Mormons? One may wonder, if it is an honest mistake that no reference for the source of the statistics is given in Blow's op-ed.

  2. Blow never bothered to define, Who is a Jew? Also, it is impossible to know whether the numbers he provided are of any statistical significance.

    More interesting is his focus on this small segment of the American electorate, which so strongly supported Obama in 2008, but which is now being singled out for its growing disillusionment.

    Unfortunately, someone needs to be blamed for Obama's failure to govern, and what better target than the Jews.