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Friday, August 27, 2010

Charles Blow's "Obama and the Jews, Part 2" Evokes Anti-Semitism

In his column in today's New York Times entitled "Obama and the Jews, Part 2" (, Charles Blow notes a significant decline in the support of American Jews for President Obama, compared with, for example, Blacks, White Democrats and Hispanics aged 18-29. In response to Blow's column, there has already been a rash of hateful readers' comments posted by The New York Times, notwithstanding the purported policy of this newspaper that "Comments are moderated and generally will be posted if they are . . . not abusive."

Comment no. 1:

"Charles, it is hardly news that there are many Americans who are more loyal to the Israeli government (no matter how vilely racist, opposed to peace and bloody the government of the moment might be) than to our own. So no surprise that these folks would turn on Obama because he is not quite as subservient to the Israeli government as previous presidents. And let's not forget how viciously many Jewish New Yorkers turned against Mayor David Dinkins, the first and only black Mayor of NYC."

Comment no. 3:

"Obama has am impossible task. He inherited 8 years of Bush miss management,two unjust un winnable wars, shattered economy a militant christian right,( American Al Qaeda) and a very powerful Israeli lobby. Jews I mean the Apartheid jews expect America's unquestioned support and aid. this can not be done. Obama bent backwards to please the Jews but not enough, the jews control the house senate,and the federal reserve. As Richard Pearl said if any one goes against Israel or give unquestioned support they will not be reelected. Mr Obama you are a one time president, do what is right and forget about the jewish support."

Comment no. 10:

"I think I recall you mentioning at some time or other that you were not a native New Yorker. If you were, if you grew up here, you would know instinctively that most Jews support blacks, without condition, only when it's convenient to their own goals. Further, the closer they are to being Zionists the more likely they are to manifest a very ephemeral support of blacks and black causes. Interestingly, Jewish politicians who are orthodox or deeply observant, who want black support, won't even visit black churches, choosing instead to solicit black votes by robo calls via a surrogate. Which I find, as a clergy person, very insulting. No one appreciates being taken for granted. Of course, close friendships are the exception to this trend. All that being said, thanks for the column. Interesting data."

Comment no. 14:

"Obama has been crystal clear that he supports policies that benefit 98% of the population at the expense of a privileged 2%."

According to the European Union, anti-Semitism is defined as including:

• Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective - such as, especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions.

• Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations.

Several of the above comments clearly fall within the EU definition of anti-Semitism.

Although not anti-Semitic, comment no. 13 states:

"I agree with the President 1000 PERCENT! Glad, glad, glad, this registered Voter/Vet USAF, voted for him! He is doing all he can to help Israel. Nutanyahu is a fool who the world stage has seen on it before, he has used the President the U.S. and has used excessive force in international waters against a friend and alley "TURKEY" who is as mad as I am over Israel killing 9 innocent peace activists who where bringing aid, food, medicine, shoes, to help 1.5 Million Palestinains being held in bondage by Israel, is wrong, and the "ISraeli "Blockade of "GAza IS wROnG!

In conclusion folks, I don't blame the President one bit and the "Majority of American's agree with me and the President and that too sir is the facts when it comes to Israel being out of control, under Nutanyahu they are, he's a fool, and so is anyone who agree's with him..."

Although one need not agree with the policies of Israel's current prime minister, when in the past has The Times permitted disparagement of a world leader by purposefully misspelling his or her name?

Comment 22 to Blow's column protests these hateful readers' remarks:

"The hateful and bigoted comments here and whenever Israel and/or Jews are mentioned in this paper are extremely frightening and worrying. Extremely."

I agree; however, there will always be anti-Semitism. What is more "frightening and worrying" is that The New York Times appears to have determined that anti-Semitism is "not abusive". Such bigotry would not be tolerated by The Times if it were directed at any other minority.

[I have protested the posting by The New York Times of these abusive comments in e-mails to Andrew Rosenthal, Charles Blow and a staff member of the Office of the Public Editor and await their responses.]

1 comment:

  1. Being Jewish as I am, I could not but enjoy the fresh and charming language of these comments:

    "...alley "TURKEY" who is as mad as I am..."

    "... if any one goes against Israel or give unquestioned support they will not be reelected."

    "...most Jews support blacks, without condition, only when it's convenient to their own goals."

    Two out of the four comments here talk about Jews being disloyal to blacks, not US. They understood that the article's topic is: Are Jews good for blacks? The answer is obvious for them.

    In the graphics in the article, it is clear that Obama's support decreased in every population. Unfortunately, it is still higher among Jews than among many others. Demonstrating blacks' hostility toward Jews, as this article and comments do, will not help Obama with "98% of population", not only with the "2%".