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Friday, August 6, 2010

Posting by New York Times of Anti-Semitism: "Amtrak Will Take Your Thoughts Under Advisement As We Consider Our Advertising Options"

In response to my most recent e-mail to Amtrak (see prior blog entry:, I received the following message from their Office of Customer Relations:

Thank you for your email response.

I have been informed that Amtrak will take your thoughts under advisement as we consider our advertising options.

I believe it is sufficiently plain that Amtrak plans to reconsider advertising with The New York Times given the willingness of this news organization to post anti-Semitic readers' comments.

This is an important development. Amtrak is the first organization to acknowledge the gravity of The New York Times's conduct.

Time to inform other New York Times advertisers of Amtrak's decision.


  1. Is the New York Times aware of Amtrak's response? Have they spoken with you?

  2. I am glad to hear that someone is actually considering the situation,not just doing the polite little 360 dance and handing it back to you.