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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Alaska Speaks. Finally.": Gail Collins, Get Some Help. Seriously.

In an op-ed in today's New York Times entitled "Alaska Speaks. Finally." (, Gail Collins gloats over the Alaskan write-in victory of Senator Lisa Murkowski over Joe Miller of the Tea Party, who beat Murkowski in the Republican primary. Observing that Miller was Sarah Palin's pick and referring to "Bristol Palin’s continuing victories on 'Dancing With the Stars'", Collins concludes by noting with respect to Murkowski's victory:

"So not exactly a victory for oppressed womanhood. However, a definite defeat for Sarah Palin. Let’s take our little pleasures where we can get them."

Sarah Palin? Bristol Palin? Forgive me, Gail, if I acknowledge that I can go weeks and months without thinking about either of these persons. I must also own up to the fact that I have never seen "Dancing With the Stars", and if I am ever captured by Hezbollah, my worst nightmare is that they will tie me to a chair in front of a television and force me to watch this program. Yes, I'd rather be waterboarded.

But more to the point, I am worried about you, Gail.

One week ago, you began an op-ed with the ominous title "What Everything Means" and stated, "I can’t stop thinking about the elections" ( Today, you are telling us the we should "take our little pleasures where we can get them."

Gail, these are not "encouraging" signs. There should be much more to your life than Sarah Palin and her progeny, and many different avenues to attain happiness. Are you as depressed as your column indicates? If so, it's time to get some help. Seriously.


  1. I watched "Dancing with the Stars" twice. There was some interesting good dancer - fat, but with wonderful grace - you can not see anything like this in a regular dance performance. I had to turn off sound though - this is not my kind of music.
    I find it encouraging that in America somebody outside of two parties can win the election - despite having this complex last name.

  2. DWTS has it's moments, and certainly far preferable to waterboarding. Had I known Jennifer Grey ("Dirty Dancing" star) was competing, I would have watched it despite Bristol Palin. Yes, I might watch the final, just to see Jennifer Grey dance again.

    Marina: Lisa Murkowski is the incumbent Senator, and her father was Alaska's governor and Senator - if Alaskans don't know how to spell Murkowski by now, THAT would be scary :)

    The Republicans know if Palin somehow gets the nomination in 2012, Obama will win re-election.
    Gail Collins expresses the liberal bias against women who dare to be conservative, but, in Palin's case, her descent into celebrity makes for the kind of fascination that usually accompanies a not-yet-but-maybe train wreck.

    JG: get ready for Sarah Palin's visit to Israel - she has quite a base with the ultra-right settlers in Israel.