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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nicholas Kristof's "A Hedge Fund Republic?": Let's Raffle Off Tom Friedman's Home

In an op-ed entitled "A Hedge Fund Republic?" ( in today's New York Times, Nicholas Kristof complains that the U.S. has become more rapacious than a banana republic and is now mostly owned by the richest one percent of the nation's populace. Kristof's epistle follows on the heels of Frank Rich's Sunday NYT op-ed, "Who Will Stand Up to the Superrich?" (, in which Rich also deplores fiscal inequity in America.

Not to worry! JG, Caesarea has the solution!

As a first step to end this horrifying inequality, I propose that we raffle off the estate (as seen from above) of fellow NYT columnist Tom Friedman to the homeless. Personally, I think it will do any homeless person proud!

Are you homeless and wish to participate in the raffle? Obviously, I first need Tom's approval, but meanwhile you can send me your CV together with an essay of 500 words or less explaining why transfer of title over this estate to you will best remedy the disparity between rich and poor in the United States.

Where will Tom go? No problem. JG, Caesarea is sending him to live half the year with Nicholas Kristof, who shouldn't be troubled, given the time he spends traveling around the third world. The other half of the year will be spent by Friedman with Rich.

Given their compatible politics and similar social views, I am certain Friedman, Kristof and Rich will live happily ever after.

Or not.


  1. "I am certain Friedman, Kristof and Rich will live happily ever after" - this idea made me happy. But what if and Rich and Kristof feel class animosity toward Friedman? Do you know if the two have similar estates or they consider themselves poor comparing with Friedman?

  2. An alternative: If it doesn't work out with Kristof and Rich, Friedman can move in with Sulzberger.

  3. Letter to the editor time, because this is Ethan Bronner at his worst - the whole litany of bogus issues.

    To make sure the narrative sticks it, Ramat Shlomo is now "officially" "contested land" - what? the goats need that rocky hillside in North Jerusalem for grazing?

    "...While lower-level Israeli officials have embarrassed the Obama administration this year with ill-timed announcements about housing construction on contested land in East Jerusalem, ..."

    It is one thing when it is an opinion writer - although the zombie-readers believe they must be fact-checked, but Ethan Bronner should be fired for this hit piece.

    Certainly shows that the Obami are going for Israel's jugular...

    Thanks for a place to vent.


  4. K2K,

    Thanks for the link to this item, which I missed.