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Friday, November 5, 2010

Hillary Rules Out Presidential Bid: Yeah, Right

Busy doing extremely important things for the Obama administration in that world hot spot New Zealand, Hillary Clinton ruled out a primary challenge, following the Democrat's debacle on Tuesday:

In New Zealand on Friday, Clinton told a pair of television interviewers that she won't run for president even in the aftermath of this week's congressional midterms that saw Republicans take control of the House and make big gains in the Senate. Some have suggested that Clinton should take advantage of President Barack Obama's unpopularity to make a new bid.

She said she is very happy doing what she is doing as America's top diplomat and would not be the first female president of the United States.

She told one interviewer that the United States "should be" ready to have a woman as commander in chief. Yet, when asked if that could be her, she answered: "Well not me, but it will be someone."

Asked by another interviewer if she would rule out a White House run in 2016 or before, she replied: "Oh yes, yes."

Of course, Hillary is known for never lying, particularly regarding tricky landings in Bosnia under sniper fire.

But how can we know Hillary is fibbing this time? Observe Bill Clinton's November 3 op-ed in The New York Times, "Finish Rabin's Work" ('s%20Work&st=cse), which is intended to evince friendship for Israel in the face of Obama's hostility. Mind you, the Clinton's have a binding agreement that bars Bill from interfering with Hillary's work, and this opinion piece was sanctioned in advance by Hillary, who is already seeking to court the alienated Jewish community in the U.S.

Look for her resignation as Secretary of State in early 2011.


  1. All a ploy to appear as a humble public servant,devoted to her current position,but in 2011,she will shift tactics and express her selfless willingness to grace a nation in need with her leadership.....Her ego won't let her be just one of the troops.

  2. New Zealand Prime Minister John Key ended a press conference today by referring to Hillary as "President Clinton". It's coming.

  3. "The Jewish Community" I know is alienated by the rude tone of State Department and Hillary in particular toward Israel and its ambassador. Also, the "Jewish Community" ( in my face) is alienated by Bill's statement that the Russian Jews are the root cause of all Israeli problems. Hillary showed her incompetence in her position as she never had a chance to show before.