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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Iran's Favorite US Presidential Candidate

Have a look at Iranian Press TV's online headlines today, which inform us, "Paul favored over Obama in poll" ( Needless to say, the poll, whose results show Paul barely edging out Obama, only relates to independent voters.

In a separate article entitled "US Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul says US mainstream media are feeding wrong information to American people about Iran's intention to close the Strait of Hormuz" (, Press TV also reports:

"[Paul] added that the United States cannot afford to wage a war against Tehran, stating that Washington must end its enmity toward Iran through diplomacy.

Earlier last week, Paul once again lashed out at Washington's hostile policies toward Iran, saying there is no evidence that Tehran is making nuclear weapons."


  1. One of those ... don't get me started. The problem is that he's a favorite candidate of some really loony "Left" - don't know what is "left" there, but clearly there is a lot of madness.
    Below is a quote from my now famous :) letter to an ex-friend:
    "When both Hugo Chavez and Ron Paul (! such a progressive) are “good” ..., one clearly needs a different level of help than I can offer."

  2. Paul almost makes Obama look good . . .