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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thomas Friedman, "Getting to Know You ...": Tom Tells Us to "Keep a Wary Eye" on the Egyptian Army and the Brotherhood

Concluding yet another -- let's hope the last -- zany installment of his series of op-eds written from Cairo, this one entitled "Getting to Know You ..." (, Thomas Friedman tells us:

"Egyptian politics for the last 50 years has been largely a struggle between the army and the Brotherhood, and both today are suspected of having secret agendas to grab power alone. I’d keep a wary eye on both of them.

But here’s what’s new: They are not the only ones anymore with plans for Egypt’s future and the energy to push them. Somehow all of these new and old forces have to now find a way to share power to rebuild this country."

In case you were wondering, Friedman is responsible for the italicized language in the above quote.

Friedman would "keep a wary eye" on the Egyptian army and the Brotherhood, but whom is Friedman warning? Egyptians? Americans? New York Times readers?

Moreover, why does Friedman think that the radical Brotherhood and the even more radical Salafis need to find a way to share power after garnering two-thirds of the vote? I can promise you that the Brotherhood places far more emphasis on implementing Sharia law than on seeking accommodation with the US.

In which alternative narcissistic universe does Friedman live?

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