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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Iranian President Ahmahinejad: Israel Is a Cancerous Tumor Soon to Be Excised

When Obama became president, one of his first diplomatic initiatives was to make overtures to the Islamic Republic of Iran, which, according to several of his close aides, had been "misunderstood" by the Bush administration. See below his naive March 2009 Nowruz address to the Iranian leadership:

You will also recall Roger Cohen's infamous series of New York Times op-eds from Iran during the first six months of 2009, declaring that Iran is "not totalitarian." And there were also the incessant guest New York Times op-eds written by Flynt and Hillary Mann Leverett, imploring Obama to forge a new approach toward Iran.

When Iranians took to the streets during the July 2009 Green Revolution to bring down the Ahmadinejad regime, Obama, wishing to cozy up to the mullahs, did nothing as protesters, calling out his name, were gunned down, tortured and imprisoned.

And there have always been those from the left who denied Iranian intentions to annihilate Israel. Well, there can no longer be any denying Tehran's plans.

As reported by Lebanon's Daily Star (, Iranian President Ahmadinejad stated yesterday:

"'The Zionist regime and the Zionists are a cancerous tumour,' he said. 'The nations of the region will soon finish off the usurper Zionists in the Palestinian land.... A new Middle East will definitely be formed. With the grace of God and help of the nations, in the new Middle East there will be no trace of the Americans and Zionists,' he said."

Even Roger Cohen would have a hard time misconstruing these words.

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  1. Well, what can I say?
    I watched with horror Obama's first year of international activities and not because I voted for him (no, I'd vowed that I would rather die) and not because I still hoped for something intelligent and decent, but because it was worse that I could imagine.
    It was in a cheap style of "internationalists" who always insist that People of the world are wonderful (every single one of them), that hugging them would bring love, peace and happiness to everyone. For some unknown reasons, most internationalists of the past ended up hugging Dictators only (forgetting about People) or becoming Dictators themselves (Stalin for example).
    The spectacle of Obama "hugging People," without noticing that they are already shot (protestors in Iran) or will be shot the moment he will be addressing on TV a different group of "People" was surreal and terrifying.
    Equally absurd was the prize the land of Knut Hamsun awarded him for these activities.
    Now, the land where the entire nation probably had 10 hours of history is ready to reelect him. Well ... I am not happy. Possibly, I had too many hours of history (in class and outside).