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Friday, August 31, 2012

Two Short Plays: Must Reading

Yes, I know: this blog is mostly about international affairs, politics, economics and occasionally biotechnology. But sometimes it's also good to "get away from it all" on a short vacation.

I strongly urge reading two hilarious short plays by Dr. Richard Grossman, "Reality Book Group" and "Room With Maintenance," which can be ordered online at:

“Reality Book Group” was top-billed by the Boston Globe (from 53 chosen plays written by New England’s premier playwrights) and performed at the 2012 Boston Theater Marathon.

Dr. Grossman is an incredible literary talent, a psychologist and world class authority on narcissistic personality disorders (yeah, he's very busy these days), and also . . . my brother!

1 comment:

  1. Congratulation. I hope that he is another good person. I needed to know that there are some good people, after my morning walk combined with errands and occasional encounters.
    This time some congregants of one of the Upper West Side rabbis (see the list on your previous blog) were in front of me, full of themselves, making pronouncements, as loud as evil.
    That's it. Nothing printable comes to mind.