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Friday, September 21, 2012

Gail Collins, "The Polar Express": Collins's Turn to Take an Ugly Swipe at Israel

As noted in a previous blog entry (, Maureen Dowd is under fire for alleged anti-Semitism.

Not wishing to be left out of the Israel bashing festivities at The New York Times (see:, Gail Collins, in her latest op-ed entitled "The Polar Express" (, also feels compelled to take an ugly swipe at US Congressional support for Israel:

"The Senate had a big agenda for its finale. Kicking the budget can down the road! Passing a resolution on Iran designed to demonstrate total support for whatever it is Israel thinks is a good idea!"

Once again, we are being told that the Jews control Congress.

Why should Gail concern herself with the fact that Iran has consistently threatened to wipe Israel off the face of the map, to excise the "Zionist tumor," and most recently to target US planes and conquer Jerusalem (see:

Extermination of Israel? What me worry? Life is all about nefarious Republicans and the reelection of Obama, who can do no evil.


  1. Jeff... aren't we being a bit over-sensitive this morning? You produced a bold headline "Collins' Turn to Take an Ugly Swipe at Israel" and I proceeded to read her opinion piece. 98 percent of Gail's commentary focusses upon the shallow activity of Congress seeking re-election and a major focus upon polar bears in deep freezers. ONE line, in which she declares the standard M.O. of Congress ever since the birth of the Israeli state... which is the truth, face it... Congress supports whatever Israel wants! It's the truth. Any congressman or President knows to do otherwise is political suicide. America and Israel are joined like siamese twins. So, Gail's comment is an an ugly swipe?? I know... that's one sentence but then you go on to replay the many many times she's said other critical things about Israel. Is being critical of Israel ugly? My suggestion is the "Be Nice Policy." Israel has enough nukes and a big enough army to defend itself. America should shut off ALL aid to Israel and then it is their job to be very VERY nice. For once in their existence they would have to actually negotiate and consider who they are surrounded by. America itself is cratering. We can't afford to help anyone anymore. If we don't take care of our own problems then there is nothing left to help with. Israel is a permanent open wound in our sides that will never heal. But to even speak of Israel in the most benign terms, one sarcastic line in a commentary piece is an ugly swipe? Lighten up, Jeff.

    1. Yes, America's economy is in tatters, and I have long favored an end to American involvement in Afghanistan. But are you aware that Saudi Arabia, which has been engaged in a long-standing proxy war with Iran in Yemen, is more afraid than Israel that Iran will build a bomb. Saudi Arabia has repeatedly been exhorting the US to "cut off the head of the snake," i.e. Iran (see: What will become of the price of gas when Saudi oil fields are threatened by Iran? Has this no effect on the US and the West? As recently stated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Iran poses a threat not only to Israel but to the entire world (see:

  2. An ugly swipe at Israel? Collins' comment was about those in Congress who believe anything Israel does is alright with us. Since when do we outsource decisions affecting our interests to an ally? Sarah Palin stated more than once during the 2008 campaign that we should never second guess Israel. That type of thinking is just stupid. I don't care what ally we are talking about- the leaders of our country must do what is in our best interest. Period.

  3. JG if you are so worried, why dont you join the IDF? I am tired for USA just propping ISrael all the time. Why dont you worry about USA?
    Do you realize what the cost to USA has been by its blind support of Israel all through these years.

  4. "Why dont you worry about USA?"
    I don't know. When I see comments of this quality I feel that I am overintelligent (not to mention overeducated).
    The last time I checked, the U.S. was between water and water, between Mexico and Canada, unlike ...
    And yes, as 9/11/ showed that America is reachable. I suggest that our "charming" anonymous check what was the cost of that "event."
    Something never will change. Ignorant population, totally deprived of knowledge of history and reality of the world, babbles about isolationism. Yeah, it's possible now.
    There might be surprises, friend. Any special reason you don't mention the cost of blind support of ... such friends as Pakistan?
    Go and read, something, friend. I really don't have patience for this.