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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Thomas Friedman, "It’s Still Halftime in America": Should Obama Be Given a Mulligan?

In his New York Times op-ed entitled "It’s Still Halftime in America" (, Thomas Friedman concludes:

"If only this election were a choice, not between two parties or two candidates, but between two exceptional journeys — with maps included."

Indeed, "If only." But let's talk the jargon of golf, the president's favorite game, and not that of football.

In reality, this election is about +3 years of bogies on the part of Obama, and, notwithstanding the absence of a game plan, about a request that the American electorate afford him a mulligan.

My fear is that if granted his wish and with nothing to lose, Obama will soon be hooking the ball further left into the rough.

Given Obama's scorecard, I am perfectly content to allow Obama to finish his presidency after playing just nine holes, before an already desiccated course becomes one big sand trap.


  1. Politics is a lot like the stock market, especially of late. Insiders rarely loose while the vast majority of investors/voters get scammed.
    A 4 or 8 years road map? The world is too unstable to know what will unfold in the next 24 hours, yet every smooth talking politician has a road map to success. Imagine if 'Safe Harbor Laws/ Forward Looking Statements' applied to politics? Our jails would be filled with politicians in $1000 suites.
    Would you sooner invest your money in a company based on what the CEO promises in a quarterly conference call or based on the analytics of the company's current state and past performance?
    Unfortunately, this November, most American's will be voting for an image and not the issues.

    On that note, I think some of your readers will appreciate Daniel Greenfields's article "How Branding Sold America on Obama"


  2. "Unfortunately, this November, most American's will be voting for an image and not the issues."
    Of course.
    Charlatans are running the show. Finally, the NYT has noticed Valerie Jarrett, the "lady" who runs the show and who in 2009 (firmly in the White House) announced that "we're are going to speak truth to power." I am sensitive to the abuse of this sentence, but this the most repulsive abuse I've seen. Someone intelligent responded to Jarrett: "You're the power, Ms. Jarrett." Sadly, she is.
    Well, time for my little sermon. When the population is raised on poisonous food:
    - no history
    - no reality
    - "pragmatism" only - smile, shake hands, look into the eyes and write sentences containing only "strategic planning," "team working" etc., expect the results - a massive, spectacular collapse.
    Yes, corporatization of every aspect of life is fatal.
    When I first heard Obama, he was praising Reagan for Reaganomics, but the crowd around me (I live in New York) was praising Obama ... for being ... progressive. Aha, I said to myself, this will be exciting (I meant "too exciting for me").
    Sadly, those who labeled Obama "socialist" are as illiterate as those who voted for him.
    Dinesh d"Souza" is probably more correct when he called him "anti-colonialist" (I haven't seen the film). Anti-colonialism has been promoted by all sorts of communists (Moscow famously) and socialists, but the words are not interchangeable.
    Frankly, Obama is probably a narcissist only, but his posturing seems to be that of "internationalist."

  3. Actually, the fact that NYT only now notices this Jarrett woman ("speaking truth to power") is worth probably a special blog.

  4. "American's will be voting for an image and not the issues"

    These images seem to confirm that...